The path to French excellence

Francéclat is responsible for developing French timepieces, jewellery and tableware brands. It aims to expand and develop these three symbolic sectors both in France and around the world, showcasing the country’s highly admired art de vivre.

A reference for all timepiece, jewellery and tableware professionals

Francéclat creates and shares tools and initiatives for all French watchmakers, jewellers and tableware manufacturers, providing them with guidance and support to meet their needs.

Francéclat studies and understands markets, anticipates trends, drives creativity, stimulates innovation and brings the right people together in companies small and large. It drives growth for the sectors, speeds their development and helps them to expand their reach. 

Francéclat initiatives are funded by a tax paid by the 13,000 French companies in the timepiece, jewellery, and tableware industries. More than 300 professionals from the three sectors are involved in sharing ideas on how this leading French organisation can support the industry.  

Developing French know-how, promoting innovation

Francéclat designs, coordinates and finances a set of initiatives aimed at stimulating the creation, production and sale of timepieces, jewellery and tableware, and strives to keep our French know-how at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Francéclat initiatives include :

  • Analysis and forecasting tools for the 3 sectors
  • General or themed market studies
  • Training, conferences, webinars and podcasts
  • Technical, regulatory and industrial monitoring
  • Business meetings in France and abroad
  • Shared communication campaigns
  • Quality and certification procedures
  • Tools for improving industrial performance
  • Financing and support initiatives for small businesses

As a growth driver, Francéclat aims to nurture and enhance the sparkle of the French timepiece, jewellery and tableware sectors around the world, ensuring it continues to shine in the future.

Promoting French brands around the world

Francéclat initiatives to spotlight French know-how extend far beyond the borders of France. We have connections around the world, and our ambition is to promote and drive French expertise through finely crafted, authentic products created by French brands.

In addition to international events, we connect French timepiece, jewellery and tableware brands with business partners from many different countries.    


2 600

tableware manufacturers

billion euros in production revenue

billion euros in exports

Francéclat employees

Francéclat connects French watch, jewellery and tableware brands with business partners from many different countries.