An intrepid trio: Renaissance, Blush Pink and Ultra Gold

This winter has brought three trends onto the jewellery scene: Renaissance, Blush and Ultra Gold. They express the sublime beauty of gold, the opulence of gilded pieces, and the romanticism of blush pinks. 

Renaissance and opulence: when jewellers adorn their pieces with haute couture

Profusion and embellishments are back. Inspiration from the world of tapestry is slated to highlight the ancestral skills of weavers and silk workers in the top French fashion houses. Brocades and jacquards are enhanced with metallic glints.

At Daymard, haute couture and premium materials are indissociable. Extraordinary pieces abound, such as the Maharajah fine jewellery ring, which was directly inspired by Indian turbans with their magnificent draping.

White gold pearls subtly recall the decoration on these princely headdresses, while red gold and azure green infuse the creation with a Renaissance mood.

And speaking of colour, Isabelle Langlois is a colour jeweller extraordinaire. She combines the understated elegance of shapes in motion with the movement of light and shade within the stones. This perfect harmony serves to enhance the beauty of the jewels in her collections.

Blush and romantic: when jewels find inspiration in make-up

Would you give in to the temptation of a blush-pink selection? Pastel refinement and edgy modernity converge in a romantic and intimate atmosphere, creating a muted, dreamlike style. “Nudes” are inspired by cosmetics for silky appeal, and the delicacy of materials draws inspiration from the pleats and lacy patterns of fine lingerie.

Whether through the grace of a Vever fairy, the fragility of a Mariusse & Bonnet butterfly or the delicate prettiness of a water lily by Atelier Mallez, yellow and rose gold, along with satin-hued stones, showcase refined jewels that spark the imagination.

Ultra Gold: when gold strikes sculpted poses

The Ultra Gold jewellery trend brings sculpted pieces worn like talismans or metal armour. Gold, as if carved from the mass, comes in assertive and chunky one-piece shapes.

At Mathon, the tawny palette selected for its stones brings the personality of Ultra Gold into the spotlight.

Hélène Courtaigne Delalande believes that by working with gold like ancient goldsmiths, the power of this stainless alloy can be revealed. The jeweller dares to use unusual, bordering on groundbreaking harmonies that are a joy to wear.

Between Renaissance splendour, blush-pink romanticism and ultra-gilded boldness, these winter trends promise each woman a creation to match her mood and personality. This year’s mission is clear: bring bold beauty into the spotlight! 

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