French Creative Corner at VicenzaOro

September 2024 edition

French jewellery-making excellence draws on prestigious expertise, renowned designers and ever-flowing creative inspiration. France owes its world-leading reputation in luxury and creativity to its expertise and a past rooted in the Place Vendôme’s high-profile Maisons.
As time goes by, the standards and trends inherent to different art forms ebb and flow — and the art of French jewellery-making is no different. A new generation of creative brands is dawning across this exclusive landscape, powered by a drive to showcase their work beyond France’s borders.
We aim to continue platforming this creativity by bringing a selection of emerging, creative French brands to a dedicated space at the VicenzaOro trade show in 2024.

Join us at Stand 169-171 – Hall 1 from 6 to 10 September 2024!

French Creative Corner


Animisma is a fine jewellery brand in touch with the senses. Inspired by nature, modernism and the idea of fusion, Animisma designs are crafted in France from gold vermeil and silver.
Precious adaptations of animism and its belief that everything has a soul; Animisma brings life to subtle modern symbols and refined variations. Balancing colour shades and the brightness of stones, each Animisma jewel exudes versatility. Designed to capture the imagination, each piece conveys a different meaning for each of us, like a delicate whisper.



Bangle-Up is the story of a bracelet. A jewel with the original “bangle” shape, but “upgraded” from the outset with singular prints. Over the years, this evolutionary bracelet has been constantly renewed and progressively adapted into complementary bands, cuffs, rings, necklaces and earrings. Sober yet colourful, refined yet accessible. Contemporary and timeless, these pieces are joyfully modular and accumulative. They are inspired by a trend towards the diversification of apparel known as “upwear”.
Beautifully crafted jewellery enhanced with fine gold, Bangle-Up creations are the result of a revisited craft process of lacquer and enamel working. The 3D models are designed and created in a Paris workshop, then crafted by a specialist partner in Asia. Elaborate know-how that remains inextricably linked to working by hand. Our jewellery is crafted in fine gold-plated brass or zamak and PVD steel adorned with enamel or lacquer.


Jewellery for Men inspired by the World.
Ikoba enchants lovers of male jewellery through unique creations available in boutiques in France and worldwide. Each piece draws its inspiration from travels and cultures spanning the entire world, offering a wide variety of patterns and natural materials.
The Ikoba collection stands out for its authentic designs incorporating materials such as leather, fossilised wood, lapis lazuli, pumice and many more…
The brand is easily recognisable in shops thanks to its elegant leather and wood display cabinets.
In the world of Ikoba, each jewel tells a story of travels and encounters.


Mille Et Une Perles

A brand with values and symbols…
Mille et Une Perles, a cultured pearl specialist that supplies a large number of jewellery manufacturers, has conceived a passion for the history of those legendary Japanese female pearl divers known as the “Ama”.
These mysterious pearl fisherwomen from Japan are renowned for their courage and centuries-old proven fishing technique.
In honour of these brave women, Mille et Une Perles has created a gold and cultured pearl collection named “Hanashinju Pearls”. The new collection features cultured pearls fashioned by the deft hands of Japanese master diamond cutter Kazuo Komatsu. Using a technique similar that used in stone-cutting, Mr Komatsu facets cultured pearls of all shapes and sizes with unrivalled virtuosity, endowing the gems with a unique sheen. Mille et Une Perles also offers unmounted faceted pearls.

Morganne Bello

Morganne Bello is a story of passion for the beauty and magic of gemstones. Established in Paris in 2002, the Maison has created a subtle yet instantly recognisable style of timeless chic. Our creations highlight the beauty of gems which are worn in contact with the skin, thereby forging a special connection with the unique energy of each stone.
We meticulously source and select the most beautiful natural stones from all over the world through a network of experts we have patiently built up over the years. Our iconic multi-faceted cuts make these gems reveal all their mysterious brilliance and captivating colours.
For over 20 years, our creations, suitable for any occasion, have embodied a vibrant and joyful lifestyle, celebrating one of Nature’s most extraordinary gifts.



“An ode to childhood and imagination, Mysteryjoy plays with the codes of fantasy.”
Each and every piece of our jewellery is handmade in France using 18-carat gold and lab-grown diamonds: fair sourcing, carrying a promise and a commitment.
Joy Toledano creates jewellery like a magician performs their tricks. Each piece of jewellery is designed like a story to be told, a book to be discovered.

Collective exhibition

The French Creative Corner will bring together six French jewellery and costume jewellery brands. At the same time, a dozen other brands will have their own stands, offering a wide variety of styles and creations. A dedicated area in the French Creative Corner will host a collective exhibition showcasing all the French brands present at the show, including some thirty pieces of jewellery organised by theme. This presentation will illustrate the creativity and diversity of the French jewellery scene.

Francéclat is responsible for developing French timepieces, jewellery and tableware brands. It aims to expand and develop these three symbolic sectors both in France and around the world, showcasing the country’s highly admired art de vivre.
Francéclat studies and understands markets, drives creativity, stimulates innovation and brings the right people together to accelerate the development of these iconic French sectors. Our initiatives spotlight French savoir-faire extend far beyond the borders of France.
We have connections around the world, and our ambition is to promote and drive French expertise through finely crafted, authentic French products.

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