Costume jewellery: the art of bold

In the kingdom of costume jewellery, there is one basic and irresistible golden rule: there are no rules. With audacity running through their veins, the designers of these creations redefine convention to celebrate the art of standing out in a crowd. Released from the classic shackles of fine jewellery, designers navigate their own paths between minimalist creations and the madness of excess. Welcome to the fascinating and ultra-creative world of taboo-free jewellery.

Extravagant pairings

Clashing and matching materials is a common form of innovation in the world of costume jewellery. Gold and resin, stones and rhinestones, nothing is off limits.

No holds barred

In the world of fashion jewellery, gold and silver finishes go hand in hand. Why not combine different metals and materials? Only creative potential sets the rules. Jewellery is sublime, whether in gold, feathers or resin.

That’s the approach taken by Gas Bijoux, the designer of Buzios earrings, which are gilded in fine gold and adorned with real feathers of different colours. Eighty of them were required to create these gorgeous front-facing earrings that align perfectly with the face.
Meanwhile, Satellite has come up with the extravagant Circus collection. These festive jewellery pieces pop with energy and creativity, giving the wearer a zesty charm.

The illusion concept

“It’s not the carat that counts, it’s the illusion”, said Gabrielle Chanel. And costume jewellery designers have quickly caught on. Rhinestones and sequins replace diamonds, while glass pastes, pearls and mother-of-pearl ooze the appeal of precious stones.

At Satellite, crystals sparkle like gems, and technical artisanal mastery enhances the brand’s designs. The romantic pierced earrings in silver from the Chiara collection are striking, with refined finishes and meticulous work on the prestige crystal settings, glass beads and faceted crystal beads. A jewel that sparkles like the stars.
Elsewhere, YAY braids pearls, reflecting the style of the great couturiers. Its head jewellery such as Toison Dorée is an ode to femininity, excellence and French know-how.

Multiple facets

In the world of costume jewellery, designs are intended to reveal the wearer’s personality. They adapt to seasons, moods and the character of the people who wear them. No wonder costume jewellery is often featured on haute couture catwalks and used as sources of inspiration for the finest master jewellers.

A colour showcase

Deep greens, bright oranges, electric blues, vibrant purples: costume jewellery loves colours that pop. Personal and joyful, enamel, rhinestones and pearls reflect the mood of those who wear them and the seasons that punctuate their lives.

In its Baléares collection, Philippe Ferrandis presents complete sets in marine and floral colours, composed of crystal stones set in gilded brass. Simple and translucent, its necklaces and cuffs splash out an aquatic wave on winter days while caputuring the joy of summers to come.
At Nach Bijoux, Nadia and Nancy Nach’s brightly coloured porcelain animal creations infuse energy and creativity into anyone who wears their vibrant designs. A great example is their green, red and orange parrot ring.

Revealing personalities

Costume jewellery designers are more able to reveal a person’s character, drawing inspiration from astrological signs, birthstones and initials. Playing the roles of talismans or lucky charms, these creations are like medals to wear with pride, or collect.

The astro trend has inspired a large collection at Satellite, including medallions in fine gold-plated metal and enamelled coloured resin. These pendants aren’t finished wielding their power.
In another register, Les Georgettes have invented reversible leather jewellery. It’s a simple idea: vary the look to match your mood or preference. You choose the width of the ring or bracelet, the colour of the metal, the design, and the colours of the bracelet. An effective way to interchange your fashion jewellery and vary your style.

Outsize style

Costume jewellery is generous. It nurtures the bold and hard-to-master trend of maximalism. Whether in terms of proportions or layering to excess, this showy style inspires the greatest desigers and clears the way for all kinds of madness.

The XXL formula

Decorative adornments are as imposing as they are sparkling. Designers cut extravagant and sophisticated pieces, reflecting the character of those who are proud to wear them.

Philippe Ferrandis designs sculptural rings, like the New Look which combines faceted crystal stones, glass paste cabochons and enamel flowers. Nothing is too big or bold for Francine Bramli in an expression of strength and creativity. For example, its emblematic Kourtney necklace with resin links and a chain made of brass gilded with fine gold and finishings in cellulose acetate. A timeless piece for a woman’s wardrobe, to wear proudly on any occasion. The same is applies to its XXL Cristal earrings in resin and brass, gilded with fine gold which bring an assertive confident look to anyone who wears them.

Layer up

Inspired by the cultures of Africa, India and Asia, the idea of layering bracelets arrived in the West during the 1920s. Now back with a vengeance, women are embracing the trend, adorning themselves in ostentatious and opulent jewellery, wearing countless rings, oversized or mismatched earrings, head or body ornaments, pearls and flowers.

YAY sees them as fine jewels to collect. The designer creates jewellery to enhance the fingers, as with the ring set Demi-lune and Swan, in which the iconic half-moon is paired with the Swan solitaire and worn on the same finger, to create a unique composition. Joining this duo is the timeless Stella chain ring, which brings a harmonious trio of moonstone, pearl and gold.

In this boundless boldness, the art of costume jewellery reflects infinite creativity and is an invitation to express your personality and shine without restraint. It’s a fascinating world, in which each piece is an ode to individuality and these daring creations are the most beautiful adornments for those who wear them.

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