Limoges porcelain: a timeless living heritage  

Admired worldwide for its hardness and translucency, Limoges porcelain has always been a leading light in creative and technical developments in tableware, with its creators consistently preserving its unique ancestral know-how.

In 2017, this white gold was awarded the prestigious Geographical Indication label. We explore the Haute-Vienne and its trailblazing factories.

Limoges Porcelain Geographical Indication (GI): certified heritage

Making its début towards the end of the 18th century, Limoges porcelain is made from deposits of kaolin – a white clay mainly containing aluminium silicates – which was discovered in the French department of Haute-Vienne.

The Limoges Porcelain Geographical Indication officially acknowledges the incomparable quality of this ceramic, while hailing its origin and the talents of the specialists who work in the sector. For buyers, it guarantees that pieces stamped “Porcelaine de Limoges”  are manufactured and decorated locally, using a combination of cutting-edge techniques and artisanal mastery. It also draws on the know-how and talents of 33 professions, capturing the heart and soul of the local area in a single label.

Factories: the spearheads of porcelain developments

The first Limoges porcelain factory opened in 1771, and was followed by many others, all synonymous with prestige and innovation. We take a closer look at four emblematic factories that carry the Limoges Porcelain Geographical Indication.

Bernardaud, a tale of family and craftsmanship

The Bernardaud family settled in Limoges in 1863. Since then, their work has continued to be a symbol of French excellence beyond the country’s borders. The family knows all about porcelain and explores myriad creative avenues, collaborating with the finest chefs, artists, and designers all around the world.

The Braquenié collection – the latest addition to the Bernardaud factory – is a fitting celebration for the house’s 160th anniversary. Combining Limoges porcelain with the talents of fabric designer Pierre Frey, it includes ornate decorations and fine patterns enhanced with an impressive colour palette.

J.L Coquet, from classicism to organic beauty   

Created in 1824, this factory is getting ready to celebrate its bicentenary. It is the home of the famous “Blanc de Limoges” and the “Grain de riz” service. It gave itself a fresh new image with its Jaune de Chrome decorations, which are added to the factory’s classic creations to explore a raw, essential, organic style that is perfectly in tune with the times. With its complementary ranges, it appeals to a vast range of key players in the dining and hotel industries.

The recent Cyclone collection and its hypnotic patterns that recall the beauty of a kaleidoscope illustrate the outstanding know-how and boldness of the house, which has lost none of its flair.     

Non Sans Raison: An extraordinary design genius

Know-how and avant-garde are the watchwords at this factory, which was founded in 2008. And after only a decade it had made a name for itself in the highly prestigious world of Limoges Porcelain. Its creations reflect a new generation of visual artists and have found their rightful place in international concept stores.

Combining Klein blue with bold geometric patterns, its new products have certainly made their mark and shaken up the conventions of French tableware.          

Robert Haviland & C. Parlon, the art of design in its purest form   

Robert Haviland is from an illustrious family of porcelain makers, and founded his own factory in 1924. The traditional house – admired for its incomparable ornamental techniques – was taken over in 2020 by a dynamic duo of young and creative sisters.

Their latest launches, which feature botanical and sunny designs, play on elegant contrasts of pure white, pastel shades and gold leaf… A joy for all five senses.                                                                                                        

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