Springtime tales

Pastoral fancies splash onto classic designs. Tables are adorned with bold patterns this spring, bringing fauna and flora into the spotlight alongside delicate pastel accords.

This season, French tableware writes a magical tale, its chapters evoking the atmosphere of idyllic countrysides and picturesque English cottages.

We take a closer look at a vibrantly coloured collection that is already iconic.

Soft colours that make an impression

Pink and mauve, rare shades in dinnerware, are welcome guests, colonising tablescapes on cutlery by Capdeco and Jean Dubost, and on glasses by Duralex.

They make excellent dining companions for the soft greens at Waww la table and Maison Pichon, and for the tapestry-style patterns designed by Bernardaud.

Hints of blue and straw yellow pop up here and there at Gien and Dior Maison, creating a palette of colours that is both soft and daring. The bucolic scene is refined yet has a vibrant edge.

When combinations of materials and designs set the tone 

The mood of materials and patterns this season is “cabinet of curiosities” with a twist.

Barbotine, inspired by turn-of-the-century styles, is a great match for earthenware and porcelain, recalling dinner services in the palaces of fairy tales and legends. Silverware occupies an important role in this world too, as evidenced by the thorny candlestick by Ercuis, which instantly conjures up an image of Sleeping Beauty wandering around her castle.

Birds, butterflies, lush vegetation and abundant flowers make a discreet appearance, as much under a cloche by Astier de Villatte, as in Raynaud’s impressive frescoes.                                         

Bold designs in a fairytale world

Plates and bowls adorned with petals are presented by Ogre la Fabrique and Royal Limoges, while Degrenne and Ercuis bring trailing floral imprints to their cutlery.

Champagne glasses are making a comeback at Luminarc, while threads of gold and various colours outline rounded shapes with majestic decorations at Marie Daâge and Haviland.

Although they can’t possibly come to life, these objects seem to create the illusion that they are about to start dancing, powered by a childlike spell. Lost in a perfectly coherent fable, created by the association of the spring collections by these various houses, we can only applaud the bravery of their French designers and artisans who bring their genius to this unique world.

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