Winter sun

This year, Christmas is going for gold like never before, decking homes with sparkling finery to create a festive and magical atmosphere.
With halos of contemporary gilding that combine baroque with artisanal artistry marrying both sculptural and minimalist styles, festive tables shine with the light of a thousand fairies. They glimmer like rays of sunshine through the pale gloom of winter, brightening moods and warming hearts.
Enchant your interior at Christmas with the magnificent aura of French tableware.

Gold sheen and warm colours

There’s no doubt about it, divine shimmering gold reigns supreme this season; it’s the indisputable queen of colour, a party favourite and a sign of hope.

Enveloping copper tones enhance shades of gold to create a bright yet welcoming atmosphere. Rosewoods, ambers, and dried orange cuddle up to a range of sublime golds, creating a unique and perfect harmony.

At Non sans raison, these warm hues are combined on plates in concentric circles. At Raynaud, gold interiors take on a patina, warmed with nuances of bronze to create a contrast that is both striking and delicate in an immaculate white surround.

Precious materials for unique effects   

Porcelain, the exquisite material par excellence, is radiant in opalescent white. It is a popular backdrop to highlight a panoply of different gold decorations, whether in the form of material effects or more irregular textures.

Plates by Astier de Villatte, Christofle, Dior and Royal Limoges bring a touch of panache to their takes on classicism. At Bernardaud, JL Coquet, Raynaud and Cécile Gasc, gold is expressed boldy and curves are less smooth. Jacques Pergay and Robert Haviland & C. Parlon playfully combine pure white and gilding on a table worthy of the Sun King himself.

Glassware and cutlery are no exception, whether they contrast glass, metal and gold as they do at Cristal d’Arques and Alain Saint-Joanis, or come to the party dressed in gold from head to toe as at Odiot and Degrenne.                                                    

Generous shapes with bright relief

Christmas is no time to mess around with shapes. Whether, generous, soft or beautifully round, they bring families together to make special memories. Serving dishes from Atelier monochrome and coffee cups from Tsé Tsé are all nods to the art of celebrating and receiving guests.

In terms of relief, fluting, braiding and ripples play a subtle game of hide and seek with the reflections of gold metallic light against glass or porcelain. A wonder to behold. Dishes by Subtile home, wine glasses by Chef&Sommelier and the sculpted cutlery from Ercuis are certain to amaze guests even before they start their tasting experience.

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