Spotlight on three unmissable collaborations

From elegant tableware and unique pieces to everyday items, let’s take a look at some standout collaborations between renowned designers and houses.

We’ve put together a rundown of the top must-have pieces from three contemporary, collectable takes on French tableware.

Christofle x Aurélie Bidermann: Babylone or contemporary refinement

Jewellery designer Aurélie Bidermann has written a new chapter of Christofle’s tableware story.

With curved lines and generous proportions offering a nod to classicism, the striking, playful Babylone collection lends an exuberant twist to the Christofle story using a contrast of volumes and lines borrowed directly from the Art Déco movement.

The collection has a slight vintage feel and celebrates a modern, refined art de vivre by seamlessly combining irresistible tableware, jewellery and home decoration in a line that includes goblets, candles and napkin rings.

Degrenne x Philippe Starck: L'Économe or the new everyday essentials

L’Économe by Starck tableware from the Degrenne collection has been designed to add ease and elegance to our everyday lives.

The collection puts innovation front and centre with its effort, time and space-saving solution inspired by modern living. The versatile, stackable bowl and plate-cover sets can go from fridge to oven, oven to table and table to fridge with astonishing ease.

L'Économe epitomises a joyful minimalism and accomplishes the not-inconsiderable feat of reconciling the practicality and ergonomics of tableware with the elegance of muted hues and glossy finishes. A collection not to be missed.

Revol x Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance: Caractère or the majesty of ceramics

Designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, originally from the south of France, has created an understated, organic collection that honours the work of centuries-old workshops to celebrate Revol’s 250th anniversary.

Caractère conveys the simple beauty of hands shaping and finishing ceramics and highlights the creative flair of artisans, kept alive by a love of their craft.

Rendered unique by its irregular contours and singular roughness, this tableware in deep, earthy tones pays homage to the imperfect authenticity of clay, an authenticity that commands respect. The very definition of cult.

These collaborations between renowned designers and houses demonstrate the vibrancy of the world of French tableware, which deftly mixes tradition with modernity. Each truly unique collection brings a new twist to the aesthetics and functionality of objects found everywhere from top restaurant kitchens to our day-to-day lives.

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