Tables of yesteryear

Back to basics, to raw simplicity

This season, the future meets the past, and today finds inspiration in yesterday. The French tableware collections echo the tables of bygone days. They celebrate the art of living in all its glory, bringing subtle strength to exquisite originals.

Naturally eco-responsible and with its finger firmly on the pulse, French tableware conjures up a world of infinite sensory charm, enhanced with a smattering of nostalgia. Bringing slow elegance to our hectic lives, it is an important reminder to press pause and appreciate the beauty that can be found in imperfection.

A palette of natural shades warms up this vast range of designs, which bears more than ever the imprint of artisanal know-how. Plates, dishes, glasses, cutlery, vases, cups and teapots with irregular shapes are adorned with deep and delicate colours.

At Jars, Jaune de Chrome, and Montgolfier, these shades create impenetrable relief. At Revol, Bernardaud, and Atelier Monochrome, a minimalist mood converges with Japanese wabi-sabi.

The materials are raw, essential and organic, crafted with patinas and oxidised effects. They are irresistible to the touch, as if time had already shaped them, eroded them, softened their edges.

A design with a contemporary twist differentiates these resolutely decorative objects from the rustic character of their ancestors, while elegantly reviving the emotions of the past.

Warm and cool shades in a melody of colour

A rich palette borrowed from the plant world – skies, leaves and fruit from the countryside and forest floor – gives rise to subtle contrasts and an even balance between warm and cold shades. Ochre and mineral grey, brown and khaki, sienna and verdigris, rust and stormy blue, all sing in gentle polyphony.

Atelier Montsouris, Degrenne, Jaune de Chrome, La Rochère, Montgolfier, Revol, Sabre

Intrinsically irregular materials      

Authentic stoneware and earthenware, marked to the core by happy accidents, are enhanced with soft patinas and welcome oxidation. In terms of patterns, the technique of artisanal hollowing, skilfully mixed earth, and a few wintry botanical ornaments end up delighting the senses… These decorations steer clear from extravagance and consistency is king.

Returning to earth through minimalism

The natural beauty of the materials is enhanced with shapes which, though they draw their inspiration from the world of yesteryear, are nonetheless understated and clean, to arouse the senses. Rough and irregular finishes, in line with original tableware, gracefully rub shoulders with more contemporary contrasts of matte and gloss.

A collection that echoes the elegance of days gone by, with a renewed creative impetus.

Degrenne, Emmanuelle Manche, Goyon Chazeau , J.L Coquet, La Rochère, Manufacture Digoin, Revol

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