Bright & Playful Tables

Magical meals with make-believe and mischief!

Springtime flavours are set to pop. French tableware collections come alive in joyful and colourful softness, edged with artistic accents. More creative than ever, they play their own artisanal and playful ode to joy, accompanied by touches of humour.

Plates, cutlery and glassware enjoy the gentle breezes of freedom, while unexpected combinations, geometrical patterns and zingy harmonies are the watchwords for this bright and vibrant season. Influences come from a variety of sources, handles are oversized and the eye is drawn to moments of imperfect beauty that radiate joy.

At Samantha Kerdine, Maison Matisse and Datcha, the almost childish decorations bring a smile to the lips. At Bernardaud and Laurie David, plates bear hand-drawn illustrations, leaving space for happy accidents. Contributions by Zeste Electrique, Ogre La Fabrique and Luminarc lean more towards minimalism, bordering on glossy colour blocks or boasting an almost insolent stripe.

Whatever their intention, this explosion of contrasts, ready to impress anyone who wants to play along, is the perfect antidote to boredom.

Bringing colour to life

Bright hues, tangy pastels, and swathes of pure and essential white come together in blissful delight, forming an orderly melting pot rainbow. Touches of colour converge, evoking the clinking bags of marbles and sweets in school yards.

Simple raw materials enhanced with bold patterns

Earthenware and coloured stoneware are adorned in graphic and playful patterns: from naive flowers to deckchair stripes, playing to a paper cut-out theme. The raw material is merely a canvas for arty, brazenly liberated expression: the blank canvas of a whimsical universe that knows no bounds.

Surprising sensations with naivety and soft edges      

Simple round shapes get a new lease of life. Here again, the references to naive art and the use of colour take precedence, with a well-meaning wink of the eye. There is a strong desire to touch, observe and explore, as if the onlooker is a witness to some ongoing artistic research. Isn’t the primary function of craftsmanship to arouse the curiosity of the senses?                                       

The ensemble is pleasingly decorative. It has a subtle balance that brings dreams to life, and superficial accessories are nowhere to be found.

Discover the selection of French products in “Bright & Playful Tables”

Fluïd, Dior Maison, Robert Haviland & C. Parlon, Sabre, Zeste Electric, Luminarc, Forge de Laguiole, Maison Matisse, Datcha, Jean Dubost, Margaux Keller.

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